Love Ponder Poetry by Katrina Gurl

Clock Keeps Time – but Love Keeps You

It’s always so easy to fall in love, because it happens so unexpectedly. Most falls lands us on our bum or flat on our faces; while others just cause us to stumble and quickly recover. But not love. Love makes us fall hard with the pressure of a ton of baby feathers crashing down on us at once and its weight seems to land right upon the purest parts our hearts. In turn, our heart has negotiated a perfect little living arrangement in our bodies the same way love has communed with the soul. The heart does not exist without a body the same way love can never truly survive without a soul.

But what happens when a mere stumble turns into a full out fall? And before you knew it, the feathery weight of love came crashing down before you could do that little skip (that we all do) to look as if we were not just about to bite the dust…HARD! Then again, what if someone comes along and steals your heart away even before you knew you wanted to give it away?

Love cannot be controlled and it can certainly never be planned. Maturity and understanding helps us to know that trying to cover up love is the same as trying to hid fire underneath a napkin. Sooner or later, the whole thing goes aflame.

Sometimes we may not have all the answers as to what to do, but time tells on everything. If something is meant to be, it will be, so never underestimate the power that love has. Love never keeps time with clocks; it measures the beats of the heart and travels constantly like the wind. Clock keeps time, but love keeps you.

Music used to inspire this piece: Carl Thomas- I Wish –


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