Tuesday’s Love Jones – Hugs & Kisses!

People Hug & Kissy face all the time, but did you know that those common actions mean way more to our inner soul than we can even imagine. This Tuesday’s Love Jones segment may have you rushing to hug and pucker up to plant sloppy kisses on the ones you love QUICKLY!!!

A new study has found that a HUG from a loved one really does work in driving pain away and reducing stress. Hugging may sound like the simplest thing on earth, but it will help to keep a few things in mind. University of California revealed that hugs increase levels of oxytocin as well as it reduces blood pressure levels. In addition to that, hugs have known to increase levels of serotonin, which is the hormone responsible for one’s mood, emotional responses and energy levels. With its increase, it stimulates other systems to function efficiently and adequately giving one person an exceptional feeling of wellness.

Hugs feel good because it serves as one avenue of expressing any kind of emotion that is difficult to express verbally. More so, hugs feel so good because it relieves any feelings of emptiness and burdens that one may have carried for quite some time. Hugs do feel so good because all unexpressed feelings can be expressed in the manner of hugging.

Did you know that kissing can help you lose weight, relax, express love, boost your immune system, improve self-esteem, manage stress and stimulate your brain. Is it too good to be true? Science says no!

Turns out that scientist have found a way for KISSING to be beneficial in our daily lives with proof. Kissing is a great stress reliever, it quiets the mind and has the effects of meditation. If your mind still races while you’re kissing someone, you are simply kissing the wrong person. Kissing the right person makes the experience relaxing, warm, passionate and tender. Kissing demands staying in the moment and it ought to have your total attention.

Kissing induces many of the same brain wave and chemistry changes that meditation does. It induces a sense of peace and calm. Kissing burns calories, too!!! The postulates that a deep, passionate kiss may double your basic metabolic rate and burn as many as two calories a minute. Kissing for 15 minutes burns approximately 30 calories.

French Kissing tones facial muscles and gives your face them quite a workout. The muscles in your lips, cheeks, face and neck, etc? The possibilities are endless. Kissing boosts your immune system by exchanging bacteria through a kiss you are stimulating your internal defence mechanism. and while kissing IS NOT a replacement for brushing your teeth, it does provide extra saliva that washes bacteria off your teeth.

the possibilities of self-improvement through the beneficial effects of hugging and kissing are endless. We think this is is an EASY way to help your health and have fun at the same time.

Have a Happy and Kissable Tuesday!


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