A Literary Celebration!

Steamy Trails Publishing has recently had the grand opportunity of working with new author Anthony Arnold!  His book entitled “My People, Our Trials And Tribulations” is filled with wisdom and words from the heart.  Anthony’s Humility shows throughout everypage as he expresses what he knows, believes and passionately feels about culture and history.

Through poetic expression, this book is the beginnings of fulfilling his desire to share knowledge with the younger generation with more about their ancestors and culture; letting them know they are much more than what some in society has labeled them.

Anthony Arnold has proudly retired from service in the US Air Force. During his career he was awarded numerous medals, including Air Force Achievement Medal-1986, 1993 and 2001 and many more.

Help us celebrate this Memorial Day weekend by purchasing Anthony’s first published work. We expect an explosive writing career in the near future, so be there with him from the very beginning!

Happy Memorials Day, Anthony!  Thank you for your time and service for our country!!!

To purchase your copy simply visit is personal webpage @

Check out Nita Bee’s WebBlog Author Interview @
Author Interview: Anthony Arnold

Visit his fan page too @
Anthony Arnold-The Tiger’s Den



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