Tuesday’s Love Jones – Helping Others

Over the past 2 weeks we have been working with a fitness guru by the name of Sabrina Collins.  She sells these detox wraps that claimed to help shrink belly fat, so we took a chance and ordered one unit from her.  Which was one single applicator.  After one use, we found the results to be no less than amazing.  I mean, a product that actually did exactly what it clained with immediate results.

Turns out that this product is all that it’s cracked up to be.  Now that we know that, we of My Stiletto Dreams Media have decided to team up with Sabrina Collins to help her launch her new website.  We have purchased “The Ultimate Package” from her “It Works” line and will be making 2 people very happy.

We are selling 1 single applicators for $25 bucks for you to try this product and see for yourselves the amazing ability it has to allow you to see result in 45 minutes.  There is nothing greater than word of mouth on products like this, so today’s Tuesday’s Love Jones this time will be used as a pay it forward to Sabrina for making beginnings of dreams come true.  Only 2 are available at this price, so act fast!!!



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