Tuesday’s Love Jones – Think Up Sex Without Sex!

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Think Up Sex Without Sex!

We think that THEE most sensual act that a couple or lovers can do together is to have the capability of sexually turning one another on indirectly. Even to an orgasmic state. However, a couple must be highly connected, in tuned with one another, have great communication and a loving relationship to do this.

There are times in life that something’s to where you can’t have sex with your partner and that’s when you have to get mentally creative. One can have sex without technically having the traditional definition of sex, right?   Even without the actual penetration, you are still engaged, connected and fully aroused.  Sometime penetrating the mind is more stimulating than all the pump action that comes with traditional sex.

Sexless things to do…

Talk about sex by sharing a secret fantasy or dirty desires.

Kiss parts of your partners’ body and be sure not to touch them with your hands. This will build desire.

Have oral sex, but this time in front of a mirror…this turns your partner on in 2 ways of fun.

Sexting is always an escape from the norm…in trusting and committed relationships, send some uncensored texts and pics to your lover…this will keep him/her turned on throughout the day.

Where something sexy that you know he or she loves to see you in and flaunt yourself to them all day, but make sure it’s a situation that they really have NO WAY of satisfying sexual urges.  The tease of this is like sex itself.

Have a happy Tuesday and remember that relationships can be fun if you make them that way.

~ Katrina Gurl


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