A Wednesday Song to Ponder – The Science of Friendship!

Do you have a hubs/wife, friend or companion that just makes you smile when you are around them or think of them?
Did you also know that there is science to back the fact that it is possible to have a longer and healthier life is we have people IN our lives that makes us happy?

Scientific findings also tells us that the happy joyous feelings feelings that a true friend can bring gives a direct impact on our immune systems.  The act of laughter alone can , helped ease symptoms associated with allergic asthma, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, and overall immune health.

Researchers say that friendship is also a powerful weapon that could help with fighting illness, depression, speed recoveries, make aging more enjoyable, slow the process of aging, lessen grief, provide camaraderie to help you reach personal goals, among other things.

Happiness and better health…that’s what “friends” are for, right???

A Wednesday Song to Ponder – “Friends” by Shalamar


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