Tuesday’s Love Jones – You are Already a Success!

How do we live the best life that we possibly can? One that races pass our wildest dreams and leaves us overwhelmed with thankfulness for every breath we take?

“There is an intricate moment when people become truly remarkable and it begins in between the spaces of acceptance and believing in your greatness. Within those rectifying moments is where real dreams and future successes happen. Thinking ‘YOU CAN’ is the beginnings of ALL success.” ~ Katrina Gurl

What is success?

The meaning of success differs from person to person. One person may think that getting their young child to eat vegetables is a success, while others need to see very tangibly things such as a great house or expensive car to properly measure success. No matter the thought pattern, success in an evidence of goals that have been accomplished.

How do you get to success?

Success begins with a dream or desire to achieve something. Successful people are not mistake-free individuals. In fact, they make mistakes, but you don’t care, because they are masters of delivery. They keep trying, striving and they never give up on what they believe.

How can you stay focused after failure?

“Nothing fails like success because we don’t learn from it. We learn only from failure.” ~Kenneth Boudling. Once we understand the power in failing we will quickly regain our focus. Failing at something that you tried so hard for, helps us to learn and take it as a life lesson to become better.

Do you know why big companies ALWAYS have suggestion boxes? Well, because they have made many mistakes along the way and they want to hear from customers as to how to effectively change past mistakes that will make better business sense and a happier customer. “There is no failure. Only feedback.” ~Robert Allen.

Quick ponder….

True story: Last week a gentleman that we have known and networked with for years now sent me an inbox. He is a very successful and talented person, so he ALWAYS has something going on in his community. I hadn’t heard from him in a while or seen his posts or heard any upcoming biz events recently set. Long story short, the inbox said: “Hey Gorgeous, you are one interesting woman.”

Whenever we briefly speak, he is always business oriented, respectful and very encouraging, but here is the moral of the story…NEVER GIVE UP! You’ll never know how much of an impact your dreams will have on the lives of others if you stop now, so just KEEP MOVING!!!!

Here I am thinking that no one pays attention to what I have to offer and low and behold, I’m not only inspirational, but ‘INTERESTING’…go figure! The shared words were significant to me because it was a much needed feedback. When a person takes time out their personal day to simply let you know that they see the good you are bringing to the universe; is sometimes feedback the BEST portion of your success.

In Closing…

On this ‘Tuesday’s Love Jones’ we urge you to CONTINUE full force with your dreams and ALSO take out the time this week to give someone good feedback that is trying desperately to be successful.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

~ Katrina Gurl


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