Cool Things to Ponder!

What will you do TODAY that will be worth talking about TOMORROW?
~ Montel Williams

Well it’s Friday! As a writer and publisher Sunday to Friday seems like an eternity.  For many, Fridays are one last hurdle before the weekend and if you’re anything like me, you live for the weekends.  This is a stress-free, easy going time to catch up with friends, family and in some cases, YOURSELF!   Weekends are when we get to do what we want to do.

Have you ever looked back on the last 24 hours spent and had no idea where it went?  We become so busy and wrapped up in daily tasks that it seems to simply fly by with no warning, right?  PLUS, to make matters even worse, we see yet another sunrise; not even closely recovering from that last day that has passed.

This Friday, let’s take steps to make each day matter!  We can begin by taking small steps this weekend in moment to moment increments to bring quality into our day.  This will not only relieve stress, but it will also cause you to get the MOST out of this weekend.  You deserve to SQUEEZE every little minute of happiness in your life.

Thinks to Notice…

  • Be happy in what you have: Start counting some blessings.
  • Don’t worry about material things: Material things fade, so work on what will matter.
  • Develop a positive attitude: Loving yourself is a great start.
  • Be yourself: Accept the fact that you are good enough without putting on airs or masks.
  • Find fun in your life: Look at the good things in your life and they will outweigh the bad.

Cool things to ponder from My Stiletto Dreams and Put A Wedge In It Blogs.

Have an amazing weekend 🙂


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