Sensual Agendas – I Love When My Wife Smiles!


It was one of those kind of days….Hectic, crazy busy and I couldn’t wait to get home.  She kinda knew it by the tone in my voice  she called to see how may day was going during the course of the day.  When I got home, I walked into a quite house and heard jazz playing in the living room, dim lights and only the bathroom light on upstairs.  I walked up and saw the bathroom door open, so I  peeped my head in only to see my wife in those white decorative panties and nothing else.   This immediately changed the day I had!  She  leaned backwards slightly on the sink with that flirty “smile” that  always let me know without a doubt give IT WAS ABOUT TO BE ON.   My manhood recognized it too and almost  reached itself out towards her nearly bursting the zipper off my pants.

Angelina turned around just to feel me against her and then grabbed my hands, wrapping them around her body to give me a handful of her  breast.  I slowly slid my hands down the front of her panties to get a fingering of her wetness.  This made me anxious to taste her and I can tell by her moan that she couldn’t wait either, so I double dipped and licked her sweetness off my fingers.

I slid her panties down then seemingly in one motion had every stitch of my clothing off as I slid deep into her.  Once I was I inside, I could tell that she wanted to take control, so I didn’t move at all…I let her  make every move so that I felt every inner part of you.  I soon joined her  dance and together with made perfect rhythm and the greatest of love.  Slowly, then periods of rapid strokes.  We nearly collapsed as we came together.

I love when my wife smiles 🙂

You have just been poked with a sensual thought that will enhance your next sensual agenda! Find out more about these regular and spontaneous posts on youtube. A special thanks to the writer that has made this post possible

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