REAL Crush #20 – Did He See Me?

The Guy across the Street…

I lived right across the street from the boy of my dreams and even though our houses were in walking distance of one another, till this day I am convinced that he had no idea that I was even alive.  He had a regal name, but he was a little ghetto with just enough intelligence to make seem very mysterious.  He was very tall for his age, and so very handsome.

I remember the first time he accidentally left his bedroom window open after he’d come home from football practice.  He must have been just getting out of the shower when I noticed this mishap.  Water glistened all over his well-toned body and although momma always taught me not to stare, I could not turn away.

A white towel was the only thing he had on and I just had to see how long that towel would manage to remain wrapped around his frame. He turned with his back facing the window for a moment to put a record on to play.  This is when I moved in a little closer to see, because, I had never seen a guy up that close half-dressed before, but even at 14 years old, it sure was something I knew I’d never have a problem getting used of.

Back then, Licensed to Ill by The Beasty Boys was the hottest album out and NO he didn’t so happen to play track #9, my favorite “Paul Revere”.  Soon as the music began he started mimicking the group member. They we so wild.

“♫♫♫ Now here’s a little story, I’ve got to tell

about three bad brothers, you know so well.”

This was the show of a lifetime, I thought as that towel was getting looser and looser.  I stood there watching not knowing if I wanted to see the performance more than I wanted to see what was underneath that towel.

“♫♫♫ It started way back in history with

Adrock, M.C.A., and me, Me Mike D!”

After that line, he began acting like he was scratchin turn tables, but I scratched my head a little embarrassed that I hadn’t turned away yet.

“♫♫♫ The sun is beating down on my baseball hat
The air is gettin’ hot, the beer is getting flat
I was lookin’ for a girl, I ran into a guy
His name is M.C.A., I said, “Howdy”, he said, “Hi”

Still staring in disbelief, I almost lost it in a full out laugh when he waved his hands on that “howdy” and “hi” parts of the song.  I remember that part so perfectly, because soon as he waved “HI” that’s when that towel dropped.

“♫♫♫ We stepped into the wind, he had a gun, I had a grin
You think this story’s over but it’s ready to begin”

Yep, he kept right on rappin as if he wasn’t standing there butt-booty-naked!  I stood there in awe that God could create a human so perfectly.  I have never believed that black folks as dark as me could blush, but I am MOST sure I did that day with plush reds and shimmers of gold. I got to see a different side of the boy I thought I was in love with!

In remembering all this, there is one thing that has ALWAYS puzzled even to this very day.  I strictly remember the boy with the noble name looking right at me when he recited that “howdy” part of the song and I know full well that there was no way he could have seen me watching him.

Although this childhood crush has been put to rest eons ago, I will always have this question in mind…

“Did he see me?”

♫♫♫ The Beasty Boys – Paul Revere –

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2 Comments on “REAL Crush #20 – Did He See Me?

  1. Either way, you are both perverts. You and your peeping Tommery and he with hid booty butt naked freak dance in front of a minor…lol


    • This one was TOO funny and your comment is pure comedy!!!!



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