Dear Writer: A Continued Response to “The Mind in the Gutter Syndrome!”

A Continued Response to: The Mind in the Gutter Syndrome!
By Katrina Gurl

Dear Writer,

I have a question for you before I go into my reply as to why you may THINK you have such a dirty mind. Answer it with the best of your ability and I will send you the correct answer.

Here goes…“I’m spread before I’m eaten. Your tongue gets me off. People sometimes like to lick my nuts. What am I?  ”  The answer to that question above is clearly peanut butter, but our writee sent us an answer we could hardly believe. She told us that that question sounded highly sexual and that she’d answer us right after she preformed that entire question on her boyfriend.

After doing that brief test with her, we realized that her mind was indeed shifted in the gutter zone, but we also shared with her that according to her age she may be right on track.  Some women (not all) in their thirties tend to have a heightened sex drive and our minds have to adjust to the changes that our bodies are making.

Women change and fluctuate in their sexual response, desire, and intimacy through all stages of their lives and for most women it happens to be right smack dab in their 30’s.   The lusty 30 happens for many reasons and some are: women have become more comfortable with their bodies and have a more intimate knowledge of their bodily responses than you were, say in your 20’s.

Women in their 30’s tend to have more self-confidence and a stronger sense of self, as they have perhaps become successful and or independent in other areas of their lives.  These new attitudes make sex more liberating for some women.

Another factor to take into consideration is the change in hormone levels women experience at many points in their lives.  Although, testosterone levels drop for men and women as they get older; the decrease happens more slowly in women than in men, which may mean that a woman in her thirties desires sex more than often than men.

Our final advice to you is to make the most of your sexual energy both in and out of the bedroom, at any age and as far as that dirty little mind of yours, put forth all those filthy inhibitions towards your lover and you’ll be just fine.

As far as that D300 guy…stop visiting his page, because “lust” will have to be a totally separate blog LOL!!!

Thanks for sharing with us and we hope this advice has helped you 🙂


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