The Mind in the Gutter Syndrome!

Okay so, the video below is a simple display of the D300 proving that you don’t have to be skinny to be fit and you don’t have to be super small to be able to move quick, precise and agile.

So what’s the problem with that?

Here’s where it all goes downhill for a recent writer that has a concerns that her mind is ALWAYS in the gutter.  She wrote in to KitKat’s Coaching asking for helpful ways to help her with her over active sexual imagination.

The woman is 34 years of age and feels as though it is abnormal to thing lustful thoughts ALL the time.  She stated that she is in a happy relationship, but that the simplest things can turn her on. In the video she sent to us, she told us that all she could visualize is all the grand things that D300 was capable of sexually and then she went on to further display that his exercise seemed more erotic than health stance.

We are replying to her as we speak and will share what we told her later today, but in the mean time…take a look at he vid below (ladies) to see if you too relate with her on this.

2 thoughts on “The Mind in the Gutter Syndrome!

  1. those in the know call it MIG Syndrome…
    (real recognizes real – so while this video clip definitely didn’t do it for me personally,
    i’m pretty sure my mind has seen her mind wandering around down here on occasion!)




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