Eroticized Kisses by Katrina Gurl 2012!

Eroticized Kisses by Katrina Gurl

I don’t want to make love to him
I want to become its very existence,
Sharing drops ecstasy
Through lustful led kisses.

Lickable thoughts
That slowly hypnotized,
Suckles and tongue twirls
While closing mine eyes.

Sin and shame
All rolled in one,
Disregarding sentences
While preparing to come.

Lies on lips
Sends such a feeble shock,
Pressed against mine
In the wettest lip lock.

Puckered exchanges
As we embrace,
His erotic kisses
Makes love to my face.

The sweetest pleasure
Upon my neck,
Mouthwatering seduction
Peck by peck.

Dishonest hearts
Beating so fast,
Tangled tongues
Bring the best to pass.

Reality shifting
Kiss by kiss,
Better than this?

Irresponsible wantonness
Is what he gave.
Memorable passion
Marked and saved.

Erotic lusts
Dance in unison,
While sheadings of clothing
Come off one by one.

Starving and Cravings
Such as this…
From his perfectly placed
Eroticized Kiss.

Written by Katrina Gurl
Copyright 2012
All Rights Reserved

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