Men on Reel on Blog Talk Radio!

Last night was our very first “Men on Reel” segment.  A segment that originated on this very blog.  Men on Reel (MOR)…the segment about MEN, but especially designed for WOMEN.  Helping women understand the heart of a man and learn things that they may never tell you.

With us was special guest none other than Damian. Damian is an exquisite writer, dedicated spin of blogger for put a wedge in it blogs and friend. And he doesn’t just write on our blog…he has his own spot at

Nita Bee sat front row with a tightened seat belt, Katrina hosted and Cheryl used her star power to keep the party rockin’ in the chat room.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to address the tons of question we still had left for Damian, but he has assured us of his return.  Take a listen and share some feedback too 🙂

Listen on main blog page


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