Weight Loss w/Katrina Gurl – Reality Moments!

Weight Loss w/Katrina Gurl – Reality Moments

Today I began a new vigorous “Jillian Michaels” workout accompanied with my treadmill via iFit.  What I mean by vigorous is that; not only did I NOT complete the 20 minute course, but it was also SO physically overwhelming and I STOPPED 11 minutes in….yep, I just jumped right of the tread right in the middle of Jillian telling me I could do it and to keep moving!

After my heart pace became normal and I was able to catch my breath again, I immediately felt the feelings of failure creeping in. 

So, I thought to myself:

“Uh self?”
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“What the hell have we been doing all this time if our stamina is not better than this?”
“Hmm, beats me…let’s go for ice cream!!!”

I didn’t listen to the part of myself about the ice cream, but I still felt like a weakling for NOT pushing through the workout.  Then I talked to my Karate Chop son about it and I’m really glad I did.  He told me that it was a good thing that I couldn’t get through the workout and that getting healthy is not easy.  He further told me that if I keep pushing through, before I knew it…the workouts would become easier right before my eyes and I’ll soon be ready for the next level in training.

I just stood there looking upside my sons head like he was crazy for a moment confused and discombobulated that he spoke such wisdom.  Then he said that when he entered football camp that he was SO out of shape that he couldn’t keep up at all and that it took him forever to get through one simple mile, but before he knew it…training became a breeze. 

I thanked the man-child for making me feel better and thought to myself again:

“Uh, self?”
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“I think we’re gonna succeed and be just fine in due time…what you think?”
“Hmm, you may be on to something there, but can we at least have frozen yogurt???”

This snippet is to share encouraging words to those that are on the path to a healthier life style by eating healthy and exercising.  In NO WAY, FASHION OR FORM is the process easy, but in due time it will ALL be VERY worth it!!!

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