A Universal Thing – Men on Reel!

Why is love a universal language? Have you ever asked yourself that???

Love is universal because it is a word that is also followed by action. When you experience love you begin to understand the ACTION within love depending on the situation. Most people describe love as a toasty, huggable feeling that happens every time they think of a particular person or thing.

Love is a strong attraction, a passion, devotion, an affectionate feeling directed towards someone in your life that you genuinely cherish and of course there are the intimate sides of expressing love (we ALL love that part).
Explaining love this way pretty much does not change in meaning no matter where one resides in the world except through the actual languages that we speak. This is why love is like a universal thing.

Another question: If love is universal, why is it so misunderstood by the sexes and why is it one of the hardest things for MEN to express?

With women, it’s pretty much written all over our faces when it comes to emotions. With men, hmmm not so much. However with men, hmmm not so much. Women are sensitive creatures (not all but most). We are just wired that way, but men are wired to be tough outwardly and can be ridiculed if they don’t appear that way. When men openly try to express their feelings, the first thing that he’s faced with is people assuming he’s gay.

Why in the world does showing emotion equal being gay?

Guess society is wired to view it that way. God forbid if a man cries at a touching scene in a movie or ask how your day was and really listened to what you had to say or do something really weird like share his heartfelt moments. Why must human emotions in a man equal homosexuality?

Society creates a standard of how a man is supposed to act, so this causes many men to wear “the tough guy mask” ALL the time. This is the #1 reason why men find it almost impossible to express love. Sadly to say that because most men are raised with this type of thinking, they tend to stray away from the feelings of being vulnerable. This is why expressing love makes them feel powerless, because there is no real way to control the feelings of love.

“A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.”  ~Frank A. Clark

So anyway, the moral of the blog here is that men AND women should take joy in UNLEARNING bad habits! Feel free to love, express it  and share it…its a universal thing!!!

This wraps up another segment of (MOR) – learn and be happy!

To catch the trailer on youtube click – Men on Reel


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