Elucid Love – White Women and the Male Slave (TLj)

February is the official month for Black History, so this month on Put A Wedge In It Blogs each Tuesday we will be exploring “Black Relationships in History.” This is the third edition for the month for Black Relationships in History, please join us all month for tidbits on this topic and we encourage you to subscribe, reply, comment and get involved!

The last topic that we did pertained to the (male) slave owners that fell in love with their female slaves. This week due to a discussion we had with a cool friend, we decided to visit what it was like for a white woman that was not only attracted, but had sexual feeling for one of her husband’s clearly amply endowed slave boys.

Even we’d have to side with the overwhelming sexual thoughts and feelings that MUST have cross their minds when they saw those muscle bound, naturally athletically built men working right in the very fields of their own houses.
They say that once you go black…ya never go back, but living in the south especially between 1619 -1865 there was no way a white woman could or would have an open relationship with a slave. DUH!!!!

What people may not be aware of is that the U.S. slave trade, which occurred between 1619 -1865, happened during a period when many women were also viewed as property. Even white women didn’t really have a voice socially in those times.

Keeping in mind that woman had to fight for the right to even vote. Votes for women were first seriously proposed in the United States in July, 1848 and it wasn’t actually put into action until 1920.

Although white women did sleep with their husband’s slaves, it was not a practice that was accepted by any means thus, when white women felt a hankering for fresh meat; they really had to keep it top secret. Top secret because, if she were ever found out or became pregnant her life would change immediately! But, most likely she’d simply cry RAPE to save her own life. FIGURES…and we all know what the fate of that slave was…death or a beating beyond recognition.

But get this…here’s what you may not have even known. Back in those days, if a white woman was caught “doin” a slave man, she was socially shunned, shamed, considered a pariah and would socially BECOME considered as lowly as the slaves were. And get this…in some cases if caught with a slave she’d also have a chance of even be killed along WITH the slave to set an example to others considering to do what was looked upon as a hideous, unclean and heathenish crime.

White were not typically allowed anywhere near the slaves because they were considered pure, innocent and free of real sexual desires. Little did the master’s know that white women took that risk MANY times right under their noses and obviously…it was all worth it!

Final note: Ain’t it a damn shame the risk a woman has to take for coming to the knowledge that size really does matter, obtaining a good lay and enjoy the pure bliss of a mind boggling orgasm??? *Just kidding*

Have a happy Tuesday on purpose!

~ Katrina Gurl

History study guide from – Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

4 thoughts on “Elucid Love – White Women and the Male Slave (TLj)

  1. Interesting topic. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about AMC’s Hell on Wheels,. but one of the main storylines in that series is the relationship between a white ‘whore’ and a black railroad worker who’s a former slave. This immediately evoked thoughts of that series especially considering hip hop artist Common is the ‘slave’ in question. I think you’d really enjoy it if you took a look at it VERY interesting topic.



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