Tempur-Pedic Love!

Absolutely amazing how this man has officially managed to break my heart into a thousand little pieces, yet the love still beats for him with every little shattered piece. His love started with a smile, but soon ended up on my tempur-pedic bed. As I lay down each night I seem to promptly nestle over the imprints he’s left.

I press my hand into the same spots that he tickled my fancy just to see if the pressure will release a new shape in what once was such a firm handle. For some reason in my mind, if it makes a new impression this will somehow help me to pick up the pieces and just move on. The shape just takes on a deeper pattern.

This bed is just like love…it has the perfect balance to destroy natural alignment through majestic comfort slowly keeping you from feeling the effects of its pain during the warranty stages. This bed was perfectly purchased because it did not have all the binding coils in the first place. Yet over time, I seem to notice that things are not a straight as they once were. They say, the worst way to miss someone… is to be sitting right beside them and these imprints are embedded so clearly, vivid and Lalique.

They say time heals all types of dreadful things, but without you by my side, time only seems to stands still and trying to forget someone you loved is like trying to remember someone you never knew and this tempur-pedtic bed is tracing every single move that you have stenciled in my heart, mind, body and soul.

In approximately 10 years the warranty to this embedded mattress will be up and all the history shared will have become proof that tempur-pedic beds really do exactly what they say they can do in those corny commercials. When you were here we did that famous red wine on the bed test, however instead of jumping up and down like fools I rode you like a horse and not one ounce from the glass spilled over. I did though, over and over again! Then I reached for that glass of wine, and downed it, and allowed it to pacify me like a cigarette after sex seems to do for people.

They say tempur-pedtic beds will last a lifetime and that it’s the best rest you’ll ever get. Well, humph, I wish relationships were like this bed. Like a surefire rest and no matter how many imprints deepen over the years; they just become more comforting as time goes by. No coils, no springs and no failures.

Just plain ole Tempur-Pedic Love.

Upcoming book of poetry by Katrina Gurl
Sensual Intuition Copyright 2012


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