Pondering a Perfect Day – Sensual Agendas!

My idea of the perfect day with my man would most likely turn into an entire weekend before we knew it.
Ya see, it would all begin on a Friday night after a light dinner and a few un-watched netflix kickin back on the sofa.

Cuddling and flirting would turn into kisses and kisses would turn into sex real fast.  I’d spend the rest of the night sexually spoiling him with ALL the pleasure that both sets of my lips could offer my man…then we’d fall into a deep sexual slumber only to wake up the next morning showering together.

I’d bathe him while especially making sure the lathery soap smoothly caressed many times across his penis with my hands and he’d better do the same for me too…softly on my clit with the tip of his middle finger. On my perfect day to ponder; we’d do things that would steam the glass way before the hot water could.

Then on Saturday, we’d go out for breakfast (IHOP is fine) and act all dignified like we didn’t just sexually rip one another to shreds the night before!  Yep, I’d imagine we’d sit there licking our lips reminiscing on the way we’d just pleased one other just a few short hours ago all the while getting turned on all over again and to calm the social setting we dig into our omelets and pancakes.

I somehow find it extremely erotic the way the syrup glistens on the corn of his lip.  It  really needs whipping, but a napkin is not feasible for the job, so I scoot over closer to him to unsuspectingly lick it off clean for him. When I do that, he quickly alerts our waitress to get the check and 2 togo containers, so we can quickly head back home.

Someone seems to have risen to an occasion!

The ride back home is not an easy one for him, mostly because of the lust I am displaying towards him in the car seems to make my lips water like a hungry lioness, so I promptly unbutton his pants to give him a hand job. This is appealing for the moment and he is so sexy trying to look normal to passersby while driving full throttle to hurry home!

After getting home we sexually consent to pleasing one another until the weekend is OVER!

You have just been poked with a sensual thought that will enhance your next sensual agenda! Find out more about these regular and spontaneous posts on youtube.


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