Have you ever stayed in a REALLY bad relationship, I mean really bad simply because the sex was GOOD?

If you’ve answered yes to that this is the blog post JUST FOR YOU!


My Stiletto Dreams calls ANYHOW LOVE, a love that has no consequences or integrity involved.  ANYHOW LOVE is another selfish way of receive gratification no matter if it lowers your personal standards or not.

How can one show real self-confidence if they are sharing THEE most intimate act (which is sex) in relationship that is NOT working?

People stay in relationships for almost every reason under the sun. For the kids, financial security, not wanting to be lonely, but one of the biggest reasons why women stay in BAD relationships is because of great sex.  In a LOT of relationships great sex trumps self-respect and relationship values.

If you are staying in a relationship because the SEX is no less than mind blowing ask yourself this list of questions before you settle with your decision:

#1 are ya happy?

First and foremost, are ya happy with ya lover?  This is an important question, because you need to come to a realization rather a not if you are actually happy with your lover outside of sex?  In other words do you feel as though you are tolerating the person you are with OR enjoying them fully as a part of your life? If you are enjoying the sex way more than the person….you must begin to evaluate things.

#2 did the relationship start out on an emotional basis?

If the answer is yes, then the relationship is a bit tricky.  There can be a lot of reasons why the relationship has come down to being only sexually, but in most cases as a couple; the union has pretty much grown apart. This can be merely relationship turbulence that may change in time, but it is up to YOU to recognize if it is time to move on or not.

#3 do you understand how staying in BAD relation for the GOOD sex ruins self-esteem?

 People with low self-esteem convince themselves that they are not worthy of being loved and that there is no chance of happiness for them.  As the problems in the relationship persist you find yourself settling more and more.  By settling we mean lowering the levels of your standards. Over time your self-esteem will take a horrible hit if you stay in a relationship for sex alone. 

As we age, we find out soon enough that SEX is not the main feature in a relationship and although it may feel good (REALLY REALLY GOOD) as the relationship grows companionship become the mainstay!

Over time your self-esteem will take a horrible hit if you stay in a relationship for sex alone. The road to a healthy relationship starts with facing what you truly wish to accept in your life. 

Never settle…think about it!

Theme song for this blog will be: Quincy Jones “If I Ever Lose This Heaven” (1974)

Written by KatrinaGurl





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