Sensual Agendas – A Lil Sump-um Sump-um!

We were in the kitchen cooking dinner together in our laid back tee shirts and shorts, just a casual night until she gave me that look. She cleaned a few dishes in the sink and then turned around and gave me that look……that look she always gave when she wanted a lil sump-um sump-um.

She couldn’t even hide it if she wanted to; I could clearly see the way her nipples hardened and poked through so vividly under her thin tee shirt (which in turn, turned me on making it VERY apparent through the front of my shorts).

Before I could turn the fire lower on the frying pan, she’d already dropped he shorts REVEALING nothing on underneath! When I saw that; any heat from the frying pan was transferred to the heat I was feeling for her. I picked her half naked self-up and sat her on the counter. She wrapped her legs around me, so I went and went deep inside of her.

We kissed wildly as sounds of our bodies colliding with one another filled the room. We knocked all types of seasonings from the counter, had sweat from our bodies dripped from our faces and breathing hard. The deep thrusts in and out of her cause us to come simultaneously just in the nick of time…

Our “quicky” love fest was interrupted just as the smoke alarm started going off! “Dang! Forgot about the fried chicken!”

You have just been poked with a sensual thought that will enhance your next sensual agenda! Find out more about these regular and spontaneous posts on youtube.


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