The “Love” Phobia

The “Love” Phobia

 What does a phobia mean first of all…

A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of something. Many people have phobias about things like insects, animals, or social situations.

In the case of this Tuesday’s Love Jones, we will be visiting WHY some people may have problems accepting LOVE in their lives.The fear of being in or falling in love has actually become a medical term called “Philophobia” which is an abnormal, superfluous and unorthodox fear of falling in love.

The “Philo” part of the word is Greek for “Love” and the “phobia” part means “Fear” THUS Philophobia.

These fears of love are not something to be laughed at or taken lightly.   Philophobia can actually show signs of emotional conditions that can disrupt one’s life.   Philophobia can cause a person to become alienated from family members, friends and regular life things that have to do with displaying any affection or feelings toward others.

Other symptoms include: Dizziness, Trembling, Weeping, Panic Attacks, Dry mouth, Air hunger, Nausea, Sweating, Rapidly changing emotions, an urge to flee.

What Causes this…

For SOME people, being in full control of every aspect of their lives is THE NORM and control is the way they communicate and run their daily lives.  However, one cannot control the feelings of love and this is where the problem begins for a person suffering from Philophobia.

Love has no real guidelines or rules, so they begin to feel POWERLESS when the feeling of love creeps into their hearts.   In order to successfully love someone (to them) means to lose a sense of control of their own emotions.  In the mind of a Philophobic, losing that control alters their very existence, because they FEEL as if their personal well-being relies on another person (their partner) and not themselves.  Philophobic individuals take the term “FALLING IN LOVE” as a LITERAL statement.  In their eye becoming in love is a FALL into a much feared unknown.

Other Causes…

Quite typically, these fears may be due to a learned trait through a horrible relationship they have witnessed in childhood or a past hurt that have personally experienced.  Either way, the circumstances, it has allowed has transmogrified into something unhealthy and that needs medical attention.   All human relationship requires emotional involvement.  However, people who suffer from Philophobia never seem to make that connection.

Philophobics may start off by avoiding close contact with members of the opposite sex, and then ultimately become emotionally detached all together by commencing to avoid all people.

Sooo What Can Be Done About This?…

Fortunately, people who suffer from Philophobia can GET HELP, but it will take some acknowledgement of the problem on your part.  One cannot handle this alone.   This fear WILL require therapy that not only deals with phobias, but relationship issues as well.  The brain will need retraining to deal with this fear and that is where professional help is necessary.

Talk to a live person today by visiting:

Philophobia not only affects the person dealing with it, but also other people in your life. 

 Thanks for tuning in with us this Tuesday and have and amazing evening!

 Dexterous words for this week are:

Superfluous:  Exceeding what is sufficient or required, not necessary or relevant; uncalled-for.

Transmogrified:  To change into a different shape or form, especially one that is fantastic or bizarre.


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