He’s Late, She Doesn’t Care!

He’s Late, She Doesn’t Care!

He ran late for work as usual.  He stayed up very late the night before perfecting business plans.  She waited for him to come to bed all night, but he never did.  He had just adjusted his tie, grabbed some orange juice and was headed towards the door to leave, when she stopped him to give him a kiss good bye…

“Baby, do you have to leave right now?” as she proceeded to undo his tie.
“Yes honey, I’m running so late already!”  He gestured to make her stop.

She was his biggest weakness and he loved the way she looked in the morning. Natural, messy hair and half dressed.  She didn’t pay attention to anything he said because her loins were still in wantonness of him from the night before, so she just kept kissing his bottom lip to seduce him into pleasing her and she could tell that what she was doing was working when she was able to get that tie completely undone.

“Baby please don’t do this, you know I have a client set for 9 a.m.!”
“Make um wait…you are the boss ya know?  I need you now more than last night! Pleaaase?”  She said with pouty lips and flirty eyes.  She continued to kiss and undress him until he finally gave in!
“You get 15 minutes; girl and I will NOT hold back…sittin up here, bout to make me late and things!”
“I can take it!” she says, as he turned her around forcing her to their bedroom.

He pushed her on the bed and snatched off his loosened tie from his neck and let his pants that she had already undone pants fall to the floor.  She scooted up a little more on the bed with a slight fear in her eyes, because he looked very serious, almost angry and driven.  As he crawled on the bed towards her, he made her lift her arms and he snatched it off the white wife beater that she slept in the night before.  Lucky, that was all she had on, because by now she didn’t really know what to expect from him…he looked wild!

He forcefully opened her legs and pushed her back flat on the bed.  He held her wrists down tight and plunged himself deep into her already wet pussy.  He was well endowed, so this brought her a unison feeling of pleasure and pain.  The scream she let out didn’t seem to faze him at all; he just began to pump deeper with long strokes into her.  He whipped her around to change positions, now pumping her from behind with the same force as before.  She tried to inch up to relive herself a bit of his overwhelming size, but he didn’t let her escape; he pulled her hair from the back to make her body stay where he wanted it to. Although tears ran from the sides of her eyes, she was enjoying every moment of what he was doing.  The violent force of his love had turned her on more than she could ever admit or explain.

From behind, he kept pumping as if he wanted to split her in half.   He released  the strong grip he had on her hair to take hold of her plump backside.  Even though he was deep inside of her, he wanted to make her body tremble and he wanted to feel the vibration from within her, so he grabbed her backside and pulled her ever closer.

He clenched her butt with both of his hands full and manipulated her ass up and down, back and forth as he moaned, growled and breathed harder with each deep pump.  She turned her head to the side to glance at his face as her tears of pleasure slid to the other side of her face.

When she looked at him she noticed rage and pleasure in his eyes and his only turned her on more.  As he kept pumping the wetter she became.  He was so far into an erotic zone that he didn’t even notice when she came.  She came so much that it ran swiftly down her inner thighs and all over him.  Her body weakened to a slump, but he clinched her ass tighter making her stay deep within him until he came too.

She had never really kept pumping after such an explosion, but when he did that to her she came AGAIN at the same time he did.  She squirted all over him this time around.  30 minutes had passed by and he was already very late for his appointment, so he slowly and gently pulled himself out of her and got off the bed as she turned on her side to look at him.  He began cleaning up and putting his clothes back on.  Then he looked at her, ran his fingers through her messy hair, kissed her forehead and said…

“Stop making me late for work baby!”

To be continued!


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