REAL Crush #15 – I Can’t Say Her Name!

I Can’t Say Her Name…

We sat there on the couch, me in my robe with nothing underneath and she in her see through Victoria Secret teddy. I held her in my arms as we watched television.  The bottle of Riesling we shared earlier along with the smell of her perfume, and my cologne combined with the disinterest on what was on the television; our animalistic nature took over. We began to passionately kiss, as our hands roamed the contours of each other’s body.

Her skin felt so soft and her gentle kisses just right.  She had me unbearably hard.  She straddled me, but before taking a hold of my harden manhood, I took my middle finger and caressed her wet pussy; then licked her honey off of it as I looked her in her eyes.  She eased down on me and let out a soft moan as the inches disappeared inside her honey well.

I squeezed and rubbed her butt cheeks, while my tongue sucked on her nipples and played with her breast. With her arms wrapped around my shoulders, she began to fuck me rapidly moving her hips back and forth. Moaning loudly, all that matter to her was to cum as quickly as she could on my hard satisfying penis.  My hands moved from her firm behind to her waist, as she tossed her head backward.  Her body tensed up and she let out a loud grunt.  A few seconds later, she brought her head to my shoulder, trying to regain her normal breathing; but I wasn’t letting that happen.

I had her stand up as I escorted into the bedroom to fuck the daylights out her. I had her stand at the foot of the bed at a ninety degree angle, holding on to her waist; I eased my dick in her from the back and started slamming my shit into her as hard as I can.  I had her screaming at the top of her lungs in pure bliss. “Yeah baby, fuck this pussy. It’s yours!” She grabbed the comforter into a ball, buried her face in it, and screamed loudly as she arrives at another hard orgasm.

Quickly getting onto the bed, I told her to ride me backward. Breathing hard and a little disoriented from the intense orgasms, she quickly guided my dick in her sweet wet pussy and began riding the dick hard.  I slapped her on both ass cheeks, as I told her how good she was fucking me.  She moaned loudly and called out my name as she produced another jar of honey and covered my dick with her sweetness.

When her body stopped trembling, I placed my hands underneath her thighs and quickly snatched her backward into the 69 position and placed my tongue inside her and sucked, licked and swallowed her. The sound of her giving me head sounded as good as it felt.  I then started licking her asshole and she grinded her wet pussy on my chin and screamed out as she came again.

“Come here baby!” I said to her as I laid her on her back placing one of her legs over my shoulder and went deep into her and fucked her deep and slow.  With every stroke, she screamed out as she threw the pussy back fucking me, trying to make me do the same.  She lost count after cuming four times and begged me to fill her with my warm cum.  We sexed each other so animalistic that we were becoming sore; but the feeling was damn good, and we couldn’t stop.  I eventually pulled my dick out to put her in another position. She caught me off guard, when she got on her knees and started sucking me.  As she licked her honey clean from my hardness she went into frenzy, rubbing her clit vigorously and came again.  I enjoy every time she had an orgasm. The sounds she make, the trembling of her sexy body and the satisfied expression on her face.  Baby, please cum for me she pleaded.

I helped her to her feet and laid her on the bed face down. I then got on top of her and entered her from the back, placing one of my hands on her wet vagina and began to massage it.  My other inter locked with one of hers, as I kissed her neck, shoulder and gently pulled on her hair; with each deep stroke. The wetness sound her pussy made with each stroke I delivered, drove me crazy. Her moans were the icing on the cake.  I could fell myself building up and she could feel it too.  Our rhythm matched pace for pace.  She began gently growling, trying not to cum, so that we can experience a joyful orgasm together.

“That’s it baby, fuck me and release that sweet cum in my pussy.”  She said, but I didn’t say a word, my rapid breathing and thrust spoke for themselves.  I grunted loudly as an intense orgasm consumed me and I released inside her.  At the same time she screamed very loudly as she released also. Still inside her semi hard, we rolled onto our side in the spoon position, my hand cupping her breast…we fell asleep.

“I still can’t say her name, but in my dreams I do.”

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