Oh Gah’RATE!!!

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So, I woke up this morning at about 6:15 a.m., but not because I wanted to!!! Ya see, our house is very near a train track and usually since we’ve lived her so long, I’ll sleep right through it. It’s amazing what the human brain can become accustom to as a norm. However THIS morning, the train woke me up from the sweetest dream.

As you all know, I am a writer and my second book is due out very soon, so I’ve been extremely excited and a little nervous about the whole thing.

Guess this is why my dream took place at a book signing in San Francisco. In the dream people from miles around came to stand in line to grab their autographed copy of “The Balcony View – Peeking Through Innuendos”…I had on a Rachel Roy dress (my favorite designer in whom I shall afford to wear one day) with a pair of blue Louboutin’s (It could happen, just listen)…

So anyway, I signed book after book with happy and excited customers anxious to dig in to read my new book. Then I looked up at the next person in line patiently waiting to have his book signed. When I noticed who it was, I almost fainted softly kinda like puddy sliding through cloud 9.

The person next in line was none other than Idris Elba! He stood there looking at me with that dotting mystery in his eyes, handing me a copy to sign. He smiled and said:….

“Woooh! Wooooh!” said the train WAKING me up from a perfect dream. I have NO idea what that man was about to say to me, but nevertheless, it started me off on a great note for this Wednesday Jan. 11th 2012 to say the least.

This dream of mine is pretty far fetched, but as we walk the journey leading to our dreams it’s quite okay to dream BIG! I may never meet Idris and he may never purchase a copy of my book, but who knows, he may be a character in the movie someday. You simple NEVER know how far YOUR dreams will take you, so NEVER feel foolish when you dream BIG!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Oh Gah’RATE!!!

  1. That is so true what you said. Always dream big and work toward that dream. I know you will do well…hell better than well. Turn those dreams into reality. My motto is “Bringing Thoughts 2 Life” This is your year!


  2. There are so many that think and dream in “the box” most people fit themselves in because of the fear of being outside of that box. I’m glad that you’re sharing that it’s okay to dream big knowing that future possibilities are limitless. Great post!

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