Facebook Bipolar – Tuesday’s Love Jones!

Hello and welcome Tuesday’s Love Jones! This week we are visiting the funny stuff that comes along with having a Facebook Profile. If you are reading this blog today, no doubt, you are on Facebook RIGHT NOW! What we have noticed in this year of blogging is that there should be a medical term called “FACEBOOK BIPOLAR DISORDER!”

At My Stiletto Dreams and Put A Wedge In It Blogs, we have determined that what a facebook bilolar is is a person that is really crying out for help with EVER post they make on their walls, but there are so many of us suffering from the same disorder that a LOT if not ALL of the signs go completely unnoticed.

For Instance, have any of you caught these things:

#1. If a man has about 5000 friends on his friends list and the 2 men that are on his page turns out to be his father and brother, this is a facebook bipolar hands down! Ya see folks, here’s the deal….most women are nurturing by nature and when a man has MOSTLY women on his page it is a truly a sign of insecurity. If you see a person like this, pray for them, because they are using women to feed the void and inadequacies in their lives on a daily basis.

#2. People that reply to what you’ve JUST posted on your wall via INBOX! These freaky folks really make me angry on my inside parts!!!! This person is a facebook bipolar because they are sick little Looky-Loo’s that watch every move you make on your page, BUT don’t really want people to truly realize how pathetic they really are. These people need prayer, because this is SUCH a creepy habit.

#3. Preachers and church goers that seem to ONLY have a need to pray for attractive people. This is a facebook bipolar, because these are people that use the comfort of religion to mask the fact that they are VERY lustful and full of complete sin. These people don’t pray…they PREY on facebook and use it as an advantage to feed their filthy mental addictions.

#4. Women that take cute cuddly pics with their hubs or boyfriends leading people to believe that their relationships are filled with bliss, knowing all the while that the cat in the photo treats them like a DOG and ain’t worth a quarter divided in 2!!!! This person needs prayer, because they are in denial!!!

#5. OMG, people that put up smart quotes that they don’t live by. The biggest facebook bipolar is a person that adds a cool quote that you actually know personally and can clearly see that they are dumb as hell in real life, but is full of natural wisdom on facebook! This type of person need prayer and fasting STAT!!!!

#6. The facebook page closers are people that are facebook bipolars, because these are the little cry babies that really have NO intention of closing there pages…however, they’d love for a slue of their online friends to jump in and say stuff like: “Oh no, don’t close your page, how will we go on without you…pleeeeeeease stay!” This person is emotionally deprived from proper attention and they often threaten to close their pages to fulfill the love lacking in their lives. Pray earnestly for this type of facebook friend!

#7. People that repost what you JUST added on your wall AS IF it was an original thought straight from them!!! OMG… these type of people truly kill me softly!!! I mean, what the hell is that all about? This one made the bipolar list, because its just odd as hell. Kinda weird actually. However, I personally don’t even bother to pray for this type of person, Most of the time I simple delete them.

#8. Chicks that write about really kinky, crazy sex, but have a soccer mom pic in profile tryna play it all off! (Insert blank stare) says our very own Cheryl Faison of Le Sublime Poétesse

Some of you may take this blog as being a little humorous, but we are very serious when we urge you to pray for these people that you may come across like this. There are SO many more examples that can and will be listed on this post at a later time…however, in the meantime, share your own FACEBOOK BIPOLAR stories with us. We know you have some GOOD ones to add.

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Thanks and have a GREAT Tuesday on Purpose!

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