Sporadic Business Trips – Sensual Agendas!

Jason tossed and turned, in and out of sleep while lying in his hotel room, thinking Trisha.  He always hated to leave her for sporadic business trips, such as the current one, an unfriendly surprise to Los Angles for a speaking engagement that a buddy of his was supposed to do. All during the day, Trisha, somehow, found her way to him, through vivid thoughts of her.

Here it was, the twilight hours of the night and he still couldn’t think of anything else, but her. Proliferating thoughts just made him wish she were there with him more and more. He imagined himself caressing her in his empty hotel bed while slowly guiding her lower underneath the sheets.

Jason imagined her taking him into your mouth, slowly licking and sucking as if she wanted to become a part of him.  The overwhelming thoughts were not helping his current circumstance much, but the more his thoughts grew, the more his manhood grew.

He continued to allow the sensual reel of her play in his mind as his thought became surreal the more he dreamed of  her taking in a mouthful of him as he tasted her sweetness. They both flooded their faces, tongue, lips and mouths with juices from each other until they both came enjoying… every drop of one another.

Jason didn’t get much rest throughout the night, but he couldn’t wait to get to Trisha the next morning. 

You have just been poked with a sensual thought that will enhance your next sensual agenda!  Find out more about these regular and spontaneous post on youtube.

5 Comments on “Sporadic Business Trips – Sensual Agendas!

  1. Another great story. What I like about Put A Wedge In It, is that all the stories gives you a clear picture with a stand alone ending.


    • Thanks Brooklen! That is our main intent and with you noticing, it gives us a reason to keep doing what we love! which is, writing and capturing the minds of our readers. You are so appreciated every time you stop by 🙂



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