Sensual Agendas – She Always Does This!

Madison always does the same thing to Russell each and every time she goes down on him. She just can’t seem to even help herself. Just before she takes in a mouthful of him, she puts the head of his penis near the opening of her vagina walls then squeezes her muscle to be sure that he is lubricated with enough of her to taste. Madison says that Russ always tastes better with just a little dip of her slathered on him just before she slides her tongue across the length of him. When their juices are combined, she says Russ is mouthwatering and irresistible.

Russell doesn’t mind her little pet peeve in the least bit…he is eager to grin a bear it all!

You have just been poked with a sensual thought that will enhance your next sensual agenda!
Find out more about these regular and spontaneous post on youtube.

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