Sensual Agendas!

We all have sensual thoughts that we can perfectly imagine happening to us or perhaps something that we are doing to someone else.

Sex is a part of life and the more sensual these thoughts are, the more we anticipate the experience.

Sensual agendas are segments that will entice your thoughts to become instinctively sensual.

Put a wedge in it blogs and my stiletto dreams will poke, prod, explore and provoke you with weekly written snippets of sensually rated ideas. These are visual thoughts designed to pleasure and arouse.

We have NO doubt that you will become more sensual by nature.

Guest writers are more than welcome to post!

We hope you’ll join us each week for a new, sensual agenda!  All entries will be posted most likely during late night hours due to the content that these entries will entail. Stay tuned!!!!


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