Real Crush #7 T’was Just Days Before Christmas!

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T’was just days before Christmas when I seen the most handsome man I had EVER laid eyes on. This beau was FINE to say the least!  His stance took me by surprise and for some reason, the day I laid eyes on him…I suddenly became the wittiest flirt alive.  He was tall as forever, looked like a model (but an approachable one though) and if a person could make “me” become a  flirt; they’d had to be something special, because I AM NOT THE FLIRTING TYPE!

He was the new kid on the block so to speak, so noticing him was inevitable. The social group was always putting up bulletins, topics and contests to bring attention to the new community in hopes that more people would join daily. Oh but when HE joined the group, rest assured that I used all that posting as a ploy to gain his attention. Four bulletins, two topics and at least 50 comments later and he STILL didn’t notice a thing.

Nothing seemed to work! My ploy to get his attention to at least comment on SOMETHING was NOT working! All I needed was one little reason, ANY REASON to talk to him, but my efforts failed!  However, I noticed that his mood option on his main profile page was set to “naughty”…so I tried a new tactic and used THAT as a perfect opening line to inbox him.

Here’s what it said:

“Hello and welcome to the group!
Feel free to comment on the latest topics posted and perhaps create some of your own.

BTW, why are you so naughty, so close to Christmas?”

The man replied within minutes of receiving the note. “Wow!” I thought to myself.  He thought my question was cute enough to actually respond. From that moment on, it was the beginning of a powerful and passionate friendship.  The first night we talked for HOURS.  We had so much stuff in common that it almost seemed unreal. So unreal that after we’d talked for a “nonstop” entire week, I decided to pump the breaks on the whole communion in fear that it was all just too good to be true!

To make a very long story (ranging from 2007 to now) very short…this man had ways of pushing buttons in my soul that I never even knew I had to press. He brought out a fire in me that I never knew was even worth igniting, but he effortlessly did so and still does.  We don’t talk much anymore, but the memories we share are well worth reading in a good book someday!!!

My secret hope this Christmas is that somehow he’ll come across this; read it and remember the crazy, dysfunctional, irritating, passionate love that we once had and remember to miss me each year THIS this time of year.

If you have a secret crush TELL US ABOUT IT…we want to know how the crush started, how the person makes you feel and what you plan to do about it. Your secret is safe with us!  You will always appear anonymous!  Email us @ and simply wait for your SECRET CRUSH to be REVELED here on Put A Wedge In It Blogs!  

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