You Perfectly Puzzle Me

You Perfectly Puzzle Me

Just like “you” to read my mind
Finding out all my hidden treasures
that I TRY to keep private!

Just like you to uncover my thoughts
Before I say a word
You perfectly puzzle me!


Not even sure
If I like it
But, I’d hate things without it!

You inspire me
To get out of my own way
You believe in me…

Though I never really let you in
You are always there
To take my hand.

You get “me” so effortlessly
While connecting my soul without the dots
You perfectly puzzle me!

You keep in time
Though I race to hide
Behind smiles, seconds and moments…

You understand
Even without a proper message
Your patience just keeps seeking knowledge.

You never judge
Nor hold a grudge
You just wait.

I can see my entire future
Simply because
You have always been there

Is an understatement
Because even I would have given up long ago

I’ve stop trying to understand
Or make up reasons
For this identity…

I simply embrace the fact
That this is a blessing
Far beyond our  mental discernment

Somethings just “are”
And there are no calculations
To determine it’s existence

The Seven Wonders of the World
Are still in question
Yet it doesn’t change the fact that they “are”

Nevertheless, I am still amazed
By the many way
You perfectly puzzle me!!

2 Comments on “You Perfectly Puzzle Me

  1. (a delayed response) 😉

    a puzzlement, indeed…

    your private thoughts are about me
    so why should I not tend your garden…
    mental fingers buried up to my palms,
    married to your fertile soil?

    i hear you thoughts
    whispering my name…
    moistening your mind…
    i see it in the sway of your hips
    as I watch from behind.

    what offense have my ears sought to commit
    that you might never allow your lips to admit…
    like it?…
    you do!

    you scream it with your eyes
    your actions exclaim what your lips deny.
    my belief in you springs deeply
    from bottomless pools
    of observing that you equal
    the height and breadth and depth
    of that space i carved out of myself
    with a serving spoon
    that “you shaped hole”
    now lives within me,
    and encompasses who you are.

    an urgency for knowledge of you lives within me
    it wrenches my eyes open
    when my body would sleep
    plays hide and seek in the folds of my mind
    when exhaustion fails in its attempts
    to sweep me away



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