Real Crush #44 I be “Liking” It!

  • NOTE: This post is rather embarrassing and it almost was tossed in the shuffle of crushes that PAWII Blogs will NOT post pile.  Come to find out…the person that wrote this, says that it’s not really fair to NOT post his crush just because of WHO the crush is on and that we state on EACH crush posts that ALL CRUSHES will be added and also, that all the chrushee’s needed to do was wait to see their post.  Looks like we of My Stiletto Dreams, need to read our OWN fine print.  So, without further ado ( and this will have a lengthy reply) here it is *covers face* 

Real Crush #44 I be “Liking” It! 

I’ve had a Facebook account for a long while now, but I don’t sign in much. Well, not until she requested my friendship. I only created a page to advertise the fact that I am a photographer and a damn good one if I don’t say so myself.

One day a buddy of mine came to visit from up north just as I was making my morning network rounds. The only reason why he came to visit is because I was scheduled for a 9 a.m. photo-shoot with some model chick and he wanted to see things up close and personal. I laughed at him for making the trip to my house for nothing, because the model asked him to leave the room and said she was kind of camera shy and that she only wanted the photographer in the room.

He waited upstairs in my office and to waste time he got on my computer. Soon as he moved the mouse it refreshed the last page that I had visited, which was Facebook. “DAMN!” in retrospect because I forgot to sign out of my account and if I know James, he surely probed.

James looked at some of my photo folders in hopes of seeing some racy, King Magazine style pictures, so he clicked on the one labeled “The Balcony View.” He figured that that sounded frisky enough to check out. First thing he noticed was that that folder was filled with pictures of the same girl that the Facebook page was on.

He couldn’t wait until I was finished with the photo shoot so he could ask me who she was and why I never told him about my new woman. He figured one of two things; either I was stalking or was with this woman.

I answered all of his nosy ass questions, but I told him that she was a future photography prospect and that since the woman was an author, she may be working with me real soon. I lied, but James does not have to know that I am really hoping to work with her one day and that her very presence (even if only through networking) makes me smile.

I visit her page every day and even though I never click “like” on anything she posts; deep down, I wait anxiously to see what sun she will shine on my mornings and I be “liking” it … I just don’t actually click the button.. The woman is a little vivacious for so early in the morning, but I have come to look forward to it.

My job causes me to work with some interesting and beautiful ladies, but this woman seems to have a smile that weakens me. I figure, if a photo can spark such attention, then her personality must be just as addicting.

She knows I crush her and just to make sure; I actually told her. She says she can barely believe it and doesn’t understand why. She says she was extremely flattered and carried on with her day.

James says it looks like she has her own photographer and a family too and that she lived way too far for the pictures I kept to even matter, but I have reasoned that they do…every morning!

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