Real Crush #41 Girl Crush!

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A “Girl Crush” is someone you want to be like, and someone you think is cool. It’s a slightly silly way of saying that you immensely admire a person. A girl crush is not a “gay” thing, it’s more of an admiration thing that can be taken as a honorable compliment.

I’m usually not one to get crushes on celebrities, but “Gabrielle Union” is just too sexy to be ignored. I think it started back when “Seventh Heaven” was on air. I think she’s so pretty with the most beautiful yet mischievous smile. I love watching her in movies because she brings a certain pride to the screen. She just seems real, down to earth and not overtaken by fame.

Not to mention the fact that she is a conquering woman of strength. She has overcome a horrible episode in her life that involved an unfathomable gang rape in Richmond at the age of 19. Then later regained lost confidence and self-esteem through attending the UCLA rape crisis center after this horrific ordeal. The counseling helped her to rebuild dignity in herself again.

She now lobby for state legislatures across the country and the federal government to help raise funds and awareness for rape crisis centers, and she speaks to all different kinds of people across the country about what happened to her. Her goal is to never hear the words ‘me too’ from someone after she tells them she was raped.

Absolutely nothing wrong with admiring such great strength!

If you have a secret crush TELL US ABOUT IT…we want to know how the crush started, how the person makes you feel and what you plan to do about it. Your secret is safe with us!  You will always appear anonymous!  Email us @ and simply wait for your SECRET CRUSH to be REVELED here on Put A Wedge In It Blogs!  

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