Special Guest Writer – Preparations by V!

Special Guest Writer – Preparations by V!

I once heard someone
say sex was overrated
I apologized to her and
replied sex is what you
make it
Don’t be confused…

That statement was
influenced by the
performance of an average
You have yet to
spread your thighs
for one such as he who
stands in front of you
she rolled her eyes and
began to kiss her teeth
as if I was a last years
hit in which was playing on
I said…

before you speak and
I’m not hear to preach
but have you ever witnessed
a untamable leak
Equivalent to the amount
of fluids that one would
In that big white bowl
where ones piss is released
All because he had a
zombie like craven for
your peach
Your streaming juice
was spiked with a blood
addictive sweet
So his lips
His tongue
His face
He’d feast

That would be an
towards the way
he made you spill
And the skill he
began displaying
Not one inch taken
Still in all you steady
You pitching
He catching
you’d think it was
baseball y’all was playing
now after all that you’ll
probably make a request
for the Dick
He’ll reply like turn over
and caress your clit
with the tip
Drag it across your
lips like he was basing
your shit
Just to see you flinch
then he refacing your
Both palms fastened
to the top of your ass
spreading you wide open
providing his route to ease
two or three swipes
around the rim of
your ass then he diving
straight in…… no scuba mask
anal sex….

Minus the pleasurable
pain of being stretched
his tongue smooth going
in you can’t believe your
Level of wet
Your eyes that is
In the sense of your
emotions being big

You’d assume because
you’ve never felt your
bodies ocean
legs quaking
bed soaking
your vaginal levees
have been broken
Your frames trembling
he knows now your out
of it
So he whispers in your ear
lay on your stomach and relax
while I slow stroke this

Preparation by V
© 2011 viewtifulink
V-Ink’s poetry is inspired by photography.
Images hold many different stories, they tell many different tales.
He enjoys taking a photo and bringing it to life by telling its story
in a form of poetry of course in which the way he sees it.
To find out more about him visit: www.V-iNk.com


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