Real Crush #18 Her Name Sends My Heart Racing!

I can’t even tell anyone how it happened….It just did. Now my world has been turned upside down…..and it feels so good! I use to feel awkward, even embarrassed at times because this isn’t suppose to be happening…I mean, not like this.  Sleepless nights, daydreaming all day, and when I do sleep, it’s always just us. Just to say her name sends my heart literally racing. Then I look into those eyes and see a universe that just contains she and I. She has a smile that causes me to lose focus on anything and everything.

I like to think that I have my feelings in check…..but I don’t. Just writing this at this very moment has sent goosebumps up my skin and a flutter in my heart that is unmatched to anything ever experienced before.

Knowing that I can’t have her makes me want her even more. I tell you if there’s even the slightest crack in that door…..I’m coming in. I’d probably scare her away if I told her how much she means to me, regardless of the distance or the fact she belongs to another.

I really believe that in a past life we were lovers. There’s no way a connection this strong could be possible unless there’s a higher power letting each of us know that this is how we should feel all the time. Her writing inspires me, when I hear her voice it caresses me and I’m wrapped in such warmth I lose all sense of time.

I want to know her, I mean all of her inside and out. What makes her tick, you know. I picture us together all the time…..the conversations, the laughter, the love making, oh, the love making! For some reason and I can’t explain why, I see a vision that’s hard for me to explain. It’s clear, then again it’s not. I’ll just leave that alone for right now, that’s a dinner conversation for sure!

If you have a secret crush TELL US ABOUT IT…we want to know how the crush started, how the person makes you feel and what you plan to do about it. Your secret is safe with us!  You will always appear anonymous!  Email us @ and simply wait for your SECRET CRUSH to be REVELED here on Put A Wedge In It Blogs!  

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