Tuesday’s Love Jones – Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile!

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“I like big butts and I can not lie – You other brothers can’t deny – That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist – And a round thing in your face -You get sprung!”  These are just a few lyrics from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s  “Baby Got Back” song that debuted in 1992.

Since the beginning of time men have been obsessed with a perfectly sculptured butt, while Bell, Biv, Devo warns to “NEVER trust a big butt and a smile” from hit single “Poison” recorded in 1989.  What we want to know is: What risks would you take to have the perfect @$$???

Recently, in an alarming local news broadcast one woman took a fatal risk of have a perfectly sculptured  Gluteus Maximus that almost cost her her life.  She had a cheap surgery done from a doctor that turned out to not be a real doctor at all.

News Reports…

MIAMI A woman who wanted to work at a nightclub started searching for someone who could perform plastic surgery at a cheap price to give her a curvier body. Police say what she found was a woman posing as a doctor who filled her buttocks with cement, mineral oil and flat-tire sealant.

The Doctor

The suspect – who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman – apparently performed the surgery on herself, and investigators say she may have victimized others. Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested Friday after a year on the run and has been charged with practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury.

Police photos show Morris as a small-framed woman with bee-stung pouty lips, arched eyebrows, oversized hoop earrings  and a large backside.  She was released from jail on bond.  A phone listing for Morris could not be found, and it’s unclear if she has an attorney.

Miami Gardens Police Sgt. Bill Bamford said Sunday, that Morris bounced from house to house for a year, driving a black Mercedes and staying out of investigators’ sight “like a ghost.” An officer drove by one of those possible houses nearly every day on his way to work and saw the car outside on Friday, and he arrested Morris soon after.

The victim, who is not being named due to medical privacy laws, paid $700 for a series of injections in May 2010. She was referred to Morris by a friend.

Morris injected some type of tube in several sites around her bottom, pumping it full of a toxic concoction. Morris reassured the woman when the pain became too intense, police said.

Bamford said Morris told the woman, “Oh don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We just keep injecting you with the stuff and it all works itself out.”

Bamford said the victim was reluctant to come forward. She quickly went to two South Florida hospitals due to severe abdominal pain and infected sores on her buttocks accompanied by flu-like symptoms. But she left each time, too embarrassed to tell doctors what she’d done.

Her mother eventually took her to a hospital on Florida’s west coast, where alarmed doctors pressed her for information. They alerted the Department of Health.

After reading this horrific report, “Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile” takes on a whole new meaning with the whiles of THAT big butt wanna be doctor!  My Stiletto Dreams thought this was a good time as any to warn you of the dangers of unnecessary plastic surgeries!  There are some surgeries that are a must, but vanity should NEVER be a reason to go under the knife.

FURTHERMORE, if you truly MUST alter your body…please take out the time to search the history of the doctor that you will be allowing to cut into your flesh.  The victim in this story could have died and there are SO many that do EACH YEAR, so before you try surgery, TRY confidence first – TRY looking in the mirror to see thing that you DO love about yourself as an end result.

3 Steps to Love Yourself

1) Realize you are unique and there is no one that is like you.  You are a 100% certified by God above original masterpiece.

2) Take care of your body.  Fitness is about more than looking good, it is about having energy, self-control, having a can do, and I will attitude.  All of these things enhance your self-esteem and build your love of self.

3) Love others.  Stop being so selfish and go the extra mile to give random acts of kindness to others.  Did you know that giving charity, doing good things for others, releases those endorphins that make you feel happy and positive just the same as when you exerciser?  So takes some time to love others, and that love will build your own self-love.

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6 Comments on “Tuesday’s Love Jones – Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile!

  1. I have read this news article and the pictures were something to see. Stiletto Dreams, you have did a wonderful follow up on this story. That’s why I enjoy your site. You are the best!


  2. This is horrible! I just read the story to my daughter and explained to her that you need to learn how to be happy with what God gave you. Even certified, qualified doctors mess up these surgeries. It’s just not worth the risk!


  3. So sad that someone will post as a doctor and victimize other woman. I know that after reading this article a lot of woman will reconsider any type of body surgery. This is why we have to love ourselves just the way God made us and if we are making any chances then we need to do research first.



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