Real Crush #12 Pure Erotic Passion

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Real Crush #12 Pure Erotic Passion

During the day, I find myself keeping her picture up on my computer screen as I worked. It makes for an easier day. When I do leave the house, I always take a quick glance at the picture of her that I have on my phone. I have never been in awe of such beauty in my entire life.

I spend a lot of nights dreaming of pure erotic passion with visions of me kissing her all over her body from head to toe. In my dreams, I am careful to not to leave a spot untouched. Her head falls back in delight from the oral massages. The taste her warm, sweet ecstasy upon my lips; it sends me over the top in knowing that this is only a dream.

This is not the life I dream of for myself personally, but because of her I can’t even look at another woman without comparing them to her….her style, intellect and beauty has set such a high standard that I don’t really think no-one will ever be able to reach it.

Night after night and day after day, I am tortured with the fact that this is not real. It is only a crush, so I settle with last minute views of her face to make sure that she’s the last person on my mind before I fall asleep and if a crush is what it will take to feel her warm sweet spot deep inside of me, then a crush it will have to remain.

If you have a secret crush TELL US ABOUT IT…we want to know how the crush started, how the person makes you feel and what you plan to do about it. Your secret is safe with us!  You will always appear anonymous!  Email us @ mystilettodreams@yahoo.comand simply wait for your SECRET CRUSH to be REVELED here on Put A Wedge In It Blogs!  

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