Real Crush #47 I Go Where He Leads Me Now!

My Stiletto Dreams “SECRET CRUSH” responses are being edited daily and THIS one is so heartfelt and genuine that we had to post it ASAP!

Real Crush #47 I Go Where He Leads Me Now!

Divulging that I even have a “Secret Crush” is so crazy! So many
reasons to crush on him…him…those eyes, those lips, those hands,
the frame, the voice…his warm breath upon my neck. It’s a serious
crush y’all…I’ve never met the man except on a few of the social
networks. He’s a published author…a mesmerizing poet, and writer. He
could cipher in an ancient language it’d still translate into love for
me. He is so accomplished and he works so diligently at his craft, never
satisfied always writing, and writing and writing.

Each lyric, line or plot he creates gives me a little more, a little
piece of him to carry about in my heart. I’ve heard his voice on an
audio of erotica he shared with many but of course in my mind he’s
only speaking to me….I imagine the flow of his oxygen into my
personal space as he’s speaking and I melt. I actually downloaded it
to my Blackberry along with his photo so he I could keep him close. I
am so, so sprung. He’s all I could imagine in the perfect mate…he
supports my writing career, he encourages me, he gives me great advice
on the business and is always looking out for me, he won’t let anyone
say the wrong thing to me…even online…he defends my honor.

He holds my hand as I embark on journey’s to publish my work for various
anthologies…I go where he leads me now. We even did a collaboration
of sorts one night. You know the night when you get that unexpected
private message at 2AM. You’re up, he’s up…you’re speechless. He
says he loves reading your work…he says you really make him feel
he’s there with you.

My heart skips beats…recollecting writing this
or that with thoughts of him tingling my mind. Is it maybe a sign, is
he meant to be? I can’t respond other than a silly smiley face. I have
no words for this moment….he’s so witty. He even recalls that we
share the same birthday…wow…he noticed?…So he’s like an online
big brother protecting me, my manager advising my career moves,
critiquing my work to get me ready for what he believes is a big
career for me…he believes in me…he says he thinks I have beautiful
eyes and a warm smile. He suggests we do a poetic freestyle…see
where they go…..of course he’s a romantic. I’m enamored at the words
he sends…but is it only words? I keep it professional don’t won’t to
get caught up.

I know I’m rambling writing about him…that’s all I
can do. If I were speaking to you directly about him I would be school
girl giddy, high pitched, shrill voice…squealing about him. He has a
way of bringing out this joy in me…the teen ager in love…he seems
to always be where I am online, when I’m online…Twitter, Facebook,
heck he’s probably here reading this. If he is I hope he knows that I
am trying to not to read too much into our exchanges. We are both
writers and we are of a Zodiac that falls in love quickly, deeply, and
we could drown each other in desire. Oh…yeah…I still have your
number…I just don’t think my voice will be audible if I call to
speak too you, just thinking of you takes my breath away. The distance
is an issue but we could easily overcome that…but the affairs of the
heart…who knows.

In the meantime my “Secret Crush” will be in my
heart for a very long time. *sigh*

If you have a secret crush TELL US ABOUT IT…we want to know how the crush started, how the person makes you feel and what you plan to do about it. Your secret is safe with us!  You will always appear anonymous!  Email us @ and simply wait for your SECRET CRUSH to be REVELED here on Put A Wedge In It Blogs!  

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4 Comments on “Real Crush #47 I Go Where He Leads Me Now!

    • Girrrrl…we JUST got this one in this morning and I HAD to post it right away! I cannot believe so MANY folks have crushes!!!!!

      Please stay tuned! There is SO MUCH more ahead 🙂


  1. I love this! Just as the dating scene has changed, we have lost sight of all these innocent feelings and emotions, like crushes. This warms my heart 🙂



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