Real Crush #38 Love @ 1st Sight!

My Stiletto Dreams “SECRET CRUSH” responses are being edited daily and THIS may be the best one yet!  If you have a secret crush to get off of YOUR chest, share by sending us a few lines about it.  We want to know how the crush started, how the person makes you feel and what you plan to do about it. Your secret is safe with us!  You will always appear anonymous!  Email us @ and simply wait for your SECRET CRUSH to be REVELED here on Put A Wedge In It Blogs!  To read past entries go to category SECRET CRUSHES REVELED

Real Crush #38 That Same Old Crush

Hello My Stiletto Dreams, my name is Darrel and I have nothing to hide about my crush.  I have had a crush on my wife since the day I laid eyes on her in college back in 1978!   It was during a rally meeting at  Howard University.  She was passing out flyers, so I gladly took one just to get a good look at her.  She was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes and she still is.  I can honestly say that Alexandria IS and will always be the love of my life.  Her smile captivates me, she is a wonderful mother, sister and friend; my best friend for life.  The only time my crush was secret was within the 2 days it took me to find her on campus again AND work up enough nerve to approach her.

Alexandria, if you ever come across this, just know that “LOVE AT FIRST SITE” is a true statement…I loved you the moment I saw you!

Yours Truly,


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