Real Crush #19 The Sapiosexual!

Hello Readers!

Back in the summer, August 2011 to be exact…some of the girls handling our Facebook Fan Page got together to truly see how many members of My Stiletto Dream would actually admit to a “SECRET CRUSHES” rather they were in a relationship OR not.  As the months passed by, NO ONE admitted ANYTHING openly on THAT post, BUT when we checked our YAHOO mail…THEY WERE SPEAKING LOUD AND CLEAR!!!  Read others here

So here’s what we’ll do…

If you all have an “Enquirer’s  Mind” the way WE do…you’d really want to know what our members had to say, so, for their protection, we will NOT release NAMES, PLACES or FACES, but WE MUST begin sharing these admissions with you all!!!  We owe it to our readers, right?

Did we hear a YES???

Secret REAL Crush #19 “The Sapiosexual” mailed in on August 19th 1:00 a.m. EST

My secret crush began almost a year ago through facebook on a boring Wednesday.  A random guy with very few mutual friends sent me a friend request.  I almost didn’t accept him, because I didn’t know him from Adam and our mutual friends were not really friends of mine…only lookie lou’s that were nosy enough to add me.  But it was the honesty in his eyes that made me go ahead and confirm his request.

Just as 30 seconds passed after granting access, he posted a greeting on my wall with a hi, thanks and to have a nice day.  I pressed “like” and went on my way, since I didn’t really know this guy.  Figured I’d watch him for a minute to see how long it would take for me to delete the new guy I knew NOTHING about!

The following week, I decided to go to his page and check out his info, wall postings and pics to see what he was all about…and to my surprise, he didn’t seem like a creeper at all.  He was very professional, about his biz and always at it!  He always posted helpful and positive posts and never hesitated to help a friend in need.  He turned out to be a really intelligent person with positive goals and a heart of gold.   I learned even more about him when he began communing with me VIA in boxes, texts and brief phone calls. The more I got to know him, the more I realized that I may have had a secret crush!

By befriending him, I have learned a funny little thing about myself; I’ve learned that I am “a sapiosexual person” which is a person who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.

Through conversing with him, I realized that an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent minded man REALLY turned me on sexually.  Each day I watch for his posts, intelligent wit and business skills unfolding before my eyes as a philosophical display of foreplay and though he doesn’t do it on purpose, I find myself IMAGINING him in every sexual way possible with him.  I look at my favorite picture of him just one last time before I hit the sheets to insure dreams of him. I will never tell him how I truly feel, but I think he may have a hunch, because he respectfully flirts with me every chance he gets.

It’s as if I am an open book to him, yet he never crosses the invisible boundaries that we have privately set and this makes him even sexier to me!

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