Good Morning!

Good Morning Sexy People!

This is just a typical check in with the peeps post. We want to take out this time to thank all of our readers and followers for their support and feedback. Recently, we have checked or stats and numbers don’t lie. Since we began this blog and website in December of 2010, we have had 8,626 visits, no less than 191 views per post when we post, well over 600 comments and 240 members actively have joined our facebook fan page.

For “My Stiletto Dreams” and “Put A Wedge In It Blogs” these numbers are overwhelming and for us to be such a new organization and less than a year old we are pleased.  However, we take no credit for this.  This  is due to you all who making this possible.  Members, avid readers, people that have subscribed and the passer’s by that just dash in to take a peek.  We thank you all!!!

Starting this November 2011, My Stiletto Dreams will be implementing lots of new things. Such as more radio show on My Stiletto Dreams Media, more posts, more collaborations and more relationship advice. We have so much in store for you all!!!

We ask you: If this blog or website has done anything for you by encouraging your relationships, setting new goals for yourselves, helped you build stepping stones towards self-confidence or simply entertained you with our weekly posts…we’d like you to challenge yourselves today by adding our fan page on you wall OR simply invite a friend if you can answer yes to the mentioned above.  Fan page link: My Stiletto Dreams

We live in a very busy world and can find ourselves with a million little things to do each day, but somehow some  of you find yourselves here and we adore you for that!

Have a wonderful Friday folks!

~ Katrina Gurl


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