Soul Shower by Zaquir

I travel from dawn ’til dusk, searching for that ever illusive ray of hope that peaked through my window so long ago. Back when I believed in forever – the sanctity of unity and promise; the expectation of highs and lows / ebb and flow, before fantasy became the requirement for connection.

I’ll never forget the beauty of those raindrops – falling horizontally as they cut through the humid, heavy ambiance of another day drawing to close. It was partially cloudy with faint glimmers of sunlight that illuminated within every heavenly strand as they found rest upon the leaves, windows and bystanders caught off-guard by their sudden appearance – and there you were, seemingly basking in the gentle deluge, your essence seamlessly soaking in each life-giving drop. The mounting downpour beginning to resemble a swarm of harmless hornets, purposely searching for their individual abode upon your maple skin – desiring to taste the nectar within. I could not find reason to blame them, in fact I found myself becoming envious of their being blanketed by the assumption of pure coincidence, all the while watching them wrestle with one-another for the privilege of being nestled within the divinity flowing from your crown, down to the small of your back… an excerpt from

~ © Soul Shower ~ by: Zaquir

Zaquir is a Writer/Spoken Word Artist/Composer
He will also be featured in an upcoming anthology books with
Steamy Trails Publishing entitled: For This Cause Writer’s Unite
To find out more info on this amazing artist visit: Bro.Zaquir

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