How to Approach Women without the Tomfoolery!

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Hey Readers!

Please excuse all the cursing in this video, but My Stiletto Dreams thinks this is most definitely a MUST SEE! Oh and pay no mind to that risky thumbnail…it’s just a ploy this youtuber uses to gain views. Obviously it works LOL!

With so much advice on ‘how to pick up women’ on the internet, it isn’t hard to find information on what to say and do when you see an attractive woman you want to approach. There are entire websites dedicated to pick up lines, routines, and various other tactics for picking up women. The problem guys have with most of this information is that it feels like a lot of work and it feels unnatural. The video below is LITERALLY straight from the horses mouth.  DeStorm shares humorous, realistic and valuable advice, so please take heed fellas!

Special thanks to DeStorm for providing this video.
To find out more about him visit:

2 thoughts on “How to Approach Women without the Tomfoolery!

  1. This dude is hilarous but everything is said is soooo true. I would recommend every guy watch this video, very informative.



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