Tuesday’s Love Jones – What’s Love Got to do with it!

Tuesday’s Love Jones – What’s Love Got to do with it! Learn how a lack of real love weakens sex!  @mystilettodreams

One thing we must realize in that “Love isn’t sex”

Yes, we may love “sex” but it is not a direct notation that true love is in place. Love is a choice. It’s a commitment. Although feelings will accompany love, and although sex will be a part of marriage, a lasting, healthy relationship cannot be based on these things.

A relationship based on lust can only last as long as the two are physically close and find each other sexually attractive.

Sexuality has many flavors, views and expressions. Women and men traditionally view sex and love in different ways and those views can change through experience and maturity. It’s common knowledge that on average, men think about sex much more than women and that most women think about love and romance more than the majority of men.

How Organism Heightens When Real Love Plays Part

The emotional feelings of real love bring us to a feeling of elation, an exhilarating psychological state of great joy. Often it is our ability to appreciate the love that we receive that elevates our emotional feelings. This brings us to the highest level of sexual satisfaction.

Plus, with real love we don’t have all the empty feeling left over after having loveless sex. Loveless sex brings the relationships and we actually become infatuated. These feelings of euphoria may actually lead us into infatuation, which is an object of extravagant short-lived passion.

Try real love to experience a different level in you next orgasmic state 🙂

I never knew it could be like this – I found my new love
I never knew what I was missing
~ Jody Watley


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