Lookit! by Katrina Gurl

I keep looking at it on purpose
Even though I can see clearly that the sign says:


I keep yearning it and wanting it for my own
I can just see myself slowly pulling back the wrapper to
Take a forbidden bite, which I already know
Would be more than a moment on my lips
I reach for it knowing full well that the distance between me and it
Looks like a million miles away
But I still tantalize my thoughts by entertaining
How good it could feel within me

It sure looks satisfying!

Its engraved logo almost takes the shape of veins
Veins that have the full possibility of running through EVERY part of me…
Or is that my imagination too?
If I had it in my possession, I’d only cradle and care for it then give it right back…
I’d bring no harm to it unless it complied and consented


I keep looking at it to make sure for sure that it’s real
Because sometimes fantasy can overpower reality

So this time…

I look in again and again with zoom lenses to be certain.
And yep!
OMG it’s real!
It even has the same indents as the negatives that were sent prior.

Is it okay to want chocolate this much?

“Lookit” a chocolate fantasy poem by Katrina Gurl of Steamy Trails Publishing

5 Comments on “Lookit!

  1. chocolate hmmm!
    well… you would be the first to “cradle and care for it then give it right back”

    a very sweet and sticky read, ms. kat
    conscent granted.

    future post – chocolate covered cherries



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