Tuesdays Love Jones – The Creepy Guy at the Club!

Why do men past the age of 25 still frequent the CLUB SCENE looking like pure FOOLS???

Here at My Stiletto Dreams we are BIG believers that “you are as old as you feel” BUT, should there be an age limit on when men should stop being the creepy old guy in the club? Chris Rock says it best: “You don’t wanna be the old guy in the club.”

See here’s the thing, the problem with acting the age that we feel on the inside, may be the same reason we are making fools of ourselves in public places. As we age, mature and develop into older adults it should also show in the company we keep and the places we frequent. Rather you believe it or not age shows up crisp and clear when you are among a group of youngsters half your age. Not only does it look creepy, but it also looks hopeless to see yet ANOTHER guy…be that guy, not wanting to accept that he ain’t got it no mo and still needing to prove to himself WEEKLY that he can still rack um in AND might we add, that the old guy in the club clearly appears to have the lowest self esteem. Anyone can rack in an impressionable, immature, 21-25 year old chic that has not experienced life, (speaking in some cases not all) but will that same creepy guy that still goes clubbin like a child stand up to the whiles of a real woman…a woman his own age???

This Tuesdays Love Jones segment is for the guys. My Stiletto Dreams wants men to feel comfortable with settling down, getting real and living a life that you will be proud of…NOT LATER…NOW!!!!

Don’t be that guy and here is how:

1) Get interested in finding real love and diminish the excuse of trying to find yourself. If you have not found yourself at 35 ya need to stop looking! Never settle for less than what you want, but at least understand that what you are looking for may not be in the local club scene.

2) Stop thinking settling down is like a curse! It’s in our nature to settle down…even animals do it!!!!!

3) Understand that giving real love a chance is not a dose of TNT! Understand that you deserve to have a relationship with someone just as great and energetic as you to share life with.

Think about it guys!

12 Comments on “Tuesdays Love Jones – The Creepy Guy at the Club!

  1. had to laugh at this one. being “mature” (old) and being in “the club” is like sex. there are MANY different kinds of women (clubs). so is it really about being “old” and in the club…
    …or is it about what one does when inside!?


  2. Self-Awareness is paramount. At the core of it all resides a fear for most men, and that fear is surrounded around the theme of dying. Instead of appreciating all that we’re gifted to experience in the moment, many of us fear that we’re going to somehow miss out on something. It’s what I also believe that motivates many men to sleep around with more than one woman at a time, or what makes men cheat on their spouses. The fear of death: A grand illusion that we play on ourselves because we’ve lacked the ability to evolve into a more grounded spirit-being.


  3. wow I’m still laughing at the hair. Mid life crisis, maybe not wanting to accept that they are getting older so you go out and try to prove that you still got it.


  4. For perspective, I’d like to add that—if his/her motivation for hanging out at the club doesn’t engender the notion of hunting/stalking younger guys/girls—where’s the harm? As I scanned across a myriad of videos (as a result of this blog) of older people dancing…DANCING and having a BALL doing it, I couldn’t help but admire the sense of youthful playfulness in their dancing spirits. LOL!

    Clearly our conversation here is centered around that of guys in mid-life who search for re-validation in the pants, skirts and dresses of younger women, but truth is…you won’t know his motivation for being on the scene unless you attempt to ask him.

    …but the ones that are there to dance and have fun–I believe–will tell you exactly that.
    And if they’re in the club dancing their 60+ year-old assess off for hours on end, where in the HELL is the energy gonna come from for any other after-the-club ‘activites’? LOL!



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