Tuesday’s Love Jones – A Trip to a Man’s Heart!

For years we have heard the slogan:“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but, I have always begged to differ, because I really don’t like to cook. I can cook a mean pan of lasagna, but I absolutely would rather not! I knew there HAD to be a better way to reach the heart of a man other than through morphed calories.

A man’s heart is just as complex as a woman’s heart. They seem to want that same things that women want.  However, they just have a totally different way of expressing those things than women do. Personally, I think that the way to a man’s heart is through his mind.  If we take the time to ask them and actually listen, we’d find out way more than what we’ve learned through old wives’ tales.

My Stiletto Dreams took out the time to interview Author Brooklen Born.  He has written novels including Being Homeless Is Not an Option and his latest entitled Savannah which has become one of our favs!  A panel of women 5 women asked him 1 question each with specific areas of a woman should possess in order to gain a man’s heart and unconditional love.

These are our our findings

Natasha asked the first question: “What are 3 things besides beauty that gets a man attention?”

Brooklen Answers: “First of all, I can’t answer these questions for what all men think; but I answer from the mind frame of Brooklen Borne. One way a woman can get my attention, is by the way she conducts herself in public. How she dress and interact with others. Another way is how she responds to certain day to day life challenges and third, is the company she keeps. Ones friends can tell a lot about a person.”

Question two was asked by Alexess:  “What are 2 things a woman can do to captivate a man’s mind?”

Brooklen: “Two things a woman can do to captivate my mind is her conversation and her sincerity with me.”

Question three was asked by Bridget:  “Men have a hard time settling, so what is the #1 thing a woman can do to make him give up the fight and settle down?”

Brooklen:  “One of many things a woman can do, is to show me, that she is in my corner no matter what?”

Simone asked # four:   “What are the attributes (non physical) that woman should posses in order to gain a man’s unconditional love?”

Brooklen:  “Her unwavering devotion to me.”

Last, but not least Jackie asked the final question # five:  “Other than the obvious reasons such as lust, what makes a man want to share his body with a woman?”

Brooklen:  “That our chemistry is so compatible, that when we make love, it will be an out of body experience for the both of us.”

After this very short interview with Mr. Brooklen Borne, the panel of women realized that women almost mirrored the same things men wanted in relationships. The panel of women also found that only gap between the sexes may simple be a lack of communication. As the women sat there talking for hours examining Brooklen’s answers. They were very happy with his sincerity and honesty. They all have came to the conclusion that the way to a man’s heart is on an individual basis and that communication is the ultimate way to anyone’s heart….rather that be a man OR a woman.

Written by Author Katrina Gurl ⓒ 2011

Special Thanks to Brooklen Borne

5 Comments on “Tuesday’s Love Jones – A Trip to a Man’s Heart!

  1. Thanks Parker!
    The incite on this one actually helped me also!
    Feels good to learn something that completely trumps
    anything you may have once thought to be true.


  2. Great Story, I have always wondered who came up with that phrase and personally I’ve never believed it because for one, every man is different so that is a very broad statement.



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