The Coffee Shop By Savannah J. and Brooklen Borne Pt. 3 Final Conclusion

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The Coffee Shop By Savannah J. and Brooklen Borne Pt. 3 

“Baby, I have regretted that incident everyday, since it happened. You meant and still mean the world to me. I’m blessed to be sitting here with you today; the true love of my life.”

“Zavier, do you expect me to drop everything I’m doing, just because you’re back in my presence?” Jade asked with water filled eyes.

“No baby. I don’t expect you to drop everything for me. I just want another chance to prove my love and loyalty to you. I want to hold you, taste you, kiss you, make love to you and spoil you. I want to inhale your sweet scent on a daily.” Zavier explains to Jade with such sincerity, she can’t say a word. Jade momentarily is under his spell.

Zavier takes Jade by the hand and they both exit the coffee shop. They hop into the car and drive to the nearby Sheraton hotel. Jade can’t wait for Zavier to fill her up with his candy stick. She is so moist; she has to squeeze her legs together; trying to maintain her composer. Zavier notices her movement and knows what that means, so he reaches over and touches Jade on her inner thigh and she parts her legs like the sea in the Ten Commandments.

Once in the room at the hotel, they quickly tear one another’s clothes off. Zavier lays Jade down on the bed placing her legs over his shoulders and begins working her clit with his velvet tongue. She begins moaning in pure ecstasy and her legs quiver as if she is having a spasm. It doesn’t take long before she is about to explode in Zavier’s mouth, while holding tightly onto the sheets that are gathered in her hand. A few moments’ later Jade screams out in pure pleasure as she reaches up and holds on with intense pressure to Zavier’s head as her orgasm tears through her leaving her momentarily exhausted.

“Ohhhhhh Zavier…eat this pussy baby, it’s yours,” Jade yells out loud, just before her eyes roll to the back of her head; while having the most sensational oral orgasm experience in her life. Zavier stands up moving Jade to the edge of the bed and then guides his steel hard pole inside her honey jar; stirring it with his thickness as if it were a cup of coffee. He has Jade screaming, climbing all over the bed and calling out his name; as if she is in a tabernacle gospel choir. Zavier is throwing it deep, hard and fast, just the way Jade loves it.

“Shit baby, this is some good ass pussy.” Zavier yells out, just as he is about to release inside Jade’s honey walls.

“Baby, please come. I want to feel your warm cum deep inside me,” Jade pleads. They both are sweating as he is putting it to her. Jade screams out loud as Zavier feels his paratroopers about to launch from the plane, when all of a sudden he hears her say…

“Here’s my baby. Zavier, I want you to meet Louis.” Louis is a very handsome dark skinned gentleman about 5’10”, slim built, he leans down and kisses Jade on the lips. Zavier blinks his eyes at the sound of Jade’s voice, awaking from his erotic fantasy about her and quickly comprehends what she has just said. He stands up not showing his disappointment and shakes Louis’s hand as Jade introduces the two.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Zavier said as he extends his hand to greet Louis.

“Same here,” Louis replies with a smile. “Are you ready baby? We don’t want to be late for the show.” Louis helps Jade from her seat and places his hand around her twenty six inch waist.

“Take care and enjoy your visit. It was a pleasure seeing you again.” Jade said with a smile and a twinkle in her eye; it was her way of saying gotcha.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Zavier replied, very disappointed but not showing his feelings on his sleeve. He focuses on Jade’s thirty six inch hips and shapely derrière, as she and her man walk through the coffee shop doors and disappear into the sea of pedestrians walking along the sidewalk. He stands there staring at them as if he’is trying to catch one last glimpse of her before finally sitting back down in his chair at the empty table. Zavier slightly shakes his head while gently biting his lip knowing he’ll never get another chance with Jade.

The End


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