Guest Writers Collab – Black Rose & Katrina Gurl

“The Jezebel In Me”

She hunts his soul
Searching for his weakest spot,
She casts herself upon him
With only herself in thought.

No intentions to keep him
Just a passersby of time,
Toy boxes filled with treasure
She shamelessly attempts to grind.

The game never ends
It appeases her to play,
The one playing with her fire
Leads to disarray .

She pleases her victim
And they become addicted to her skill,
She sensually abuses them
For nothing more than the thrill.

With her…joy is sorrow
And pleasure is literally pain,
Addiction becomes the cure
Only if she chooses to remain.

by Katrina Gurl

“The Jezebel In Her”

She’s a man eater
So no one man can keep her
Though many have tried
None could capture her feature

Nor could they tame her
Though many may blame her
But she feels no remorse
Driving some men to anger

And she shares herself only in doses
Stealing the strength of a man’s focus
Altering his very reality
Delivering a blow to his emotions

But she’s not concerned by the hurt
Thinking nothings dirty about her dirt
As she preys upon the unsuspecting
Devouring them with her curse

Yet in the end she feels depleted
Hollow and self-defeated
Because of the jezebel in her
It’s her who ends up cheated

by Blacke Rose


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