Do Men Like Receiving Flowers? Tuesday’s Love Jones!

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“Tuesday’s Love Jones”

I recently ran across a study about women buying flowers for men. The study claimed that “over 60% of men surveyed actually liked receive flowers”. It was pretty interesting to me because like ten years ago, maybe even only five years ago…sending flowers to a man was relatively unheard of.  After all, what macho man wants to admit that he likes to take time to smell the roses? I, like many others, had the clear notion to think in my head that men would think flowers were girly and would not prefer like receiving them.

Looks like our world changing  and these days  it’s not uncommon to even see men going to the spa for a facial or mud bath, or sitting down in the chair for a manicure and when ya see men doing all those things which were once thought of as being “girly” receiving flowers seems real normal for a guy now.

The study showed that men where stimulated by color and are visually oriented. Research shows that men prefer vivid colors such as yellow, orange, and red. Flower arrangements that are contemporary, linear styles or natural styles are best. Other favorites might include green or flowering plants.

Men want to feel appreciated too, so try it out, send them flowers!

What are you thoughts…in your opinion do guy like receiving flowers?

One Comment on “Do Men Like Receiving Flowers? Tuesday’s Love Jones!

  1. Guys receiving flowers is like getting your grumpy grandpa to say the words…
    “i love you”.

    You know he feels it, but it comes out mumbled and said at a volume so low that HE might be the only one that can hear it.

    Giving a man flowers can be like holding a cigarette lighter to the side of an iceberg. It has the same effect… a subtle, slow melting that you’ll have to look really really closely to be able to see.

    I think “mature MEN” of today are confident enough in themselves to accept flowers without getting concerned about how others might think about them.
    (Unfortunately that what it’s all about… being concerned about what “others” think!)

    “Generally Speaking”, ladies… Men appreciate similar things to what you like. We like the simple human similarities that bond us together. We also appreciate…


    for all the differences that you are, and share with us!
    (I did say generally speaking, so don’t get it twisted! We will not be exfoliating, shaving our legs or underarms together… EVER!…

    and NO don’t even ask can you borrow my razor! 😉 )



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